EFT Dongle 4.3.6 Crack Without Box Latest (Setup) Free Download 2022

EFT Dongle 4.2.2 Pro Crack With Latest Setup Download [Without Box]

EFT Dongle 4.3.6 Pro Crack With Latest Setup Download [Without Box]

EFT Dongle Crack is a phone flashing software technology based in China. Moreover, the EFT dongle is a unique rooted mobile phone technology. It is an amazing invention for mobile phones. It improves the phones of all operators. I think you can use various programs like Ufi dongle, Infinity box crack, and Furious gold crack to solve your phone any problem but the EFT dongle is the best of all of them. It is specially designed for Chinese mobile phones. Moreover, EFT Dongle Crack for Setup is an amazing pet repair tool. It unlocks phones that are locked due to certain activities. Most importantly, this dongle is compatible with all Chinese phones. You can choose the best solution for your Chinese phones. Amazing flash project for Android devices and phones.

EFT Dongle 2023 Full Version Free Download

Mobile marketing business is the biggest business all over the world. Over time, mobile phone lovers mean that the number of users is increasing and mobile phone companies are trying to create good products for users, but sometimes you should not without a bug-free product when you and your users are worried, but now I will tell you that EFT Dongle 4.2 Crack will help you solve all the critical problems in your phones. Sometimes we buy a mobile phone. When we talk about major issues with mobile phones, it takes more money to educate people and they are not working properly and efficiently. So what do we do? Now don’t worry, we provide EFT Dongle Full Version Crack mobile phone company to solve mobile problems easily and cheaper.

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EFT Dongle Full Crack With Latest Setup 2022 Download

EFT Dongle Crack Without the box is a professional software to unlock and flash FRP, Meizu, Vivo, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, CoolPad and other supported devices. It can easily use out of the box for all MKT chips. One data card and one chip are used to unlock and flash the systems. Each chip or card has its own information about the unlocking system. When we say the phones are unlocked, it does not mean the phone is completely locked, sometimes the account has a lock or a password lock, such as the boot loader, which unlocks these lock codes. One of its best features is that it unlocks your devices without turning them on. we have no experience in using it and the mobile phone breaks or gets damaged and we go to a mobile phone repair shop to find the mobile phone problems.

EFT Dongle Full Crack Free Download [Pro Edition]

Its simple method makes it easy to install and use with the root system. It offers a user-friendly interface that adapts to your needs. You can change or select your language. It detects problems on your phone and offers amazing solutions. Protect your phone and extend its lifespan. EFT Dongle Full Crack looks like Android optimization software. To flash and unlock it, use the USB connection that allows you to connect your phone to your computer’s system controller. As the software is installed on Windows Linux or Mac devices. It has a capacity factor of 95%, almost 100%, and is compatible with 4G LTE and MKT phones. You can determine the EMEI number of mobile phones. Unlocking takes between 50 and 60 seconds.

Pro Features Of EFT Dongle Crack:

  • The latest in pet rooting technology.
  • It is the most advanced rooting technology.
  • The root cleaning process cannot affect your devices such as personal data, system, or money.
  • The latest features to root without any problems, are Knox, fingerprint, Wi-Fi, and boot.
  • EFT Dongle Pro Supports all devices with an unlocked boot loader and supports boot flash. Pictures from
  • Once you have your device rooted using DM-verity, DRK should not be a problem.

EFT Dongle Crack Features:

Motorola (MOTOROLA):

  • Helps to reset FRP (EDL mode, FastBoot mode, ADB mode, and last backup mode).
  • Supports all languages.
  • Enhances EMEI meta mode, ADB mode, ATE mode, and EMEI meta mode.


  • Read patterns, SIM codes, and performs.
  • In short, write and read factory flash.
  • Remove FRP, pattern, and lock.

EFT Dongle Full Crack With Latest Setup 2022 Download


  • Repair IMEI.


  • Automatic direct unlock for Samsung Exynos, SPD, and Qualcomm.
  • Repair network faults DRK repair UART repair, Qualcomm repair IMEI and NV repair.
  • ERP is now removing new and old models.


  • Rooting capability in US devices.
  • Latest security for devices.

EFT Dongle-Supported Processors & Models:


EFT dongle – root function:

Provides EFT electronic funds transfer functionality for Samsung Korea, USA, China, etc.

  • It offers all the languages you want.
  • You can back up your data.
  • World’s first one-click root reboot, secure storage deletion, right contacts in Samsung, right hotspots, right contacts in Samsung Docomo.
  • Online dictionary update
  • Multiple translator support
  • The latest and most advanced root explorer.
  • Include all Google services and Google Play actions.

EFT Dongle Info:

  1. Version: 2.9
  2. File size: 593 MB
  3. License: Freeware

How To Download, install and activate the EFT Dongle Crack?

  1. First of all, download the EFT dongle crack.
  2. Run EFT_DONGLE.exe as administrator. Done.
  3. Now connect the EFT dongle to your computer system.
  4. For you, go to Device Management > Select Smart Card > Update Driver > Driver
  5. Alternatively, open Device Manager and browse to Drivers on my computer > Enable select from the list of drivers available on my computer > Smart
  6. Card > Smart Card > Smart Card > Identify device (Microsoft generic profile) > Driver update alert > Now click Yes.
  7. Then open Device Manager and select one > Select Smartcard > Select Smartcard > Update driver >.
  8. Finally, go to the Register button and click.
  9. Now click Register to register the dongle.
  10. Also, take care of your mobile phone, etc.
  11. The software will have all the devices you need ready on your system and the device will be problem-free.

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