TradingView Desktop Crack For PC/MAC & Windows Download

TradingView Desktop Full Crack APK 2022 Download

TradingView Desktop Full Crack APK 2022 Download

The graphical platform and social network TradingView Desktop Crack aims to provide cryptocurrency investors with an unprecedented overview of the current state of global financial markets. However, The platform, which is visited by more than 30 million investors every month, has successfully earned a reputation as a highly reliable source of funds, discovered new trading trends and opportunities, and developed new ways to access cryptocurrencies and the global financial characteristics. . . . . Although Tradingview affiliates such as AMP and FXCM usually offer cost-effective Tradingview Pro or Premium accounts. The latest official version has been installed on more than 5 million devices. Moreover, On a scale of 5.8 out of 10, the application received 114,607 votes. Simple for beginners and effective for technical analysis experts, TradingView has all the tools to display and visualize trading ideas. Wherever you are, you can access quotes and images in real time.

TradingView Desktop Full Crack For PC/MAC Latest Version Download

TradingView For APK provides all industry-specific data with full instant access to stock markets, futures, popular indices, FX, Bitcoin, and CFDs. You can take a closer look at the stock markets and major global indicators such as the NASDAQ Composite, S&P 500 (SPX), NYSE, Dow Jones (DJI), DAX, FTSE100, and NIKKEI225. There is also information on inflation, oil prices, investments, bonds, ETFs, and other commodities. Moreover, TradingView is the most active social network for investors and traders. You can connect with millions of entrepreneurs around the world, tap into their experience and discuss business ideas.  In addition, The key feature of the TradingView platform is its extremely powerful, sophisticated, and scalable graphical interface, which provides users with unprecedented access to legacy and real-time trading conditions not.

TradingView Desktop Free Download With Full Cracked Version

Create unique dashboards filled with free and generic templates, and they can enhance data visualization, aggregation, and presentation with over 8 million texts and ideas generated by a large community. The charts by TradingView for Windows PCs are incredibly modular. Moreover, there are nearly 12 of them, and eight of them can be placed on a single tab. In addition, Graphics can be enhanced with combination options, the ability to perform custom searches based on templates, custom zone layouts, and an amazing suite of technical analysis modules. It has over 100,000 features (the 100 most popular are displayed separately for easy placement on any desktop), over 50 intelligent drawing tools, sophisticated light bulb icons, volume controls, and full warnings (12 scenarios). However, The new Pine Script plugin allows users to create regions, expand attributes, generate comprehensive financial analysis reports, and more.

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TradingView Desktop Full Cracked APK For PC Latest Version Download

The TradingView platform is available through three platforms: direct access via the web, a standalone app for Windows computers, and a touch app for iOS / Android. Moreover, Platform operators don’t know if users are actively trading or trading. Instead, it’s focused solely on providing great business research tools, easy sharing of community ideas, graphic alignment tools, and other business-related services. TradingView is funded through a fixed monthly subscription fee, with no transaction fees or other hidden fees. In addition, TradingView is one of my favorite trading programs. It’s easy to use, the graphics are very flat and there are a lot of features. However,  The basic software is provided free of charge. Users who want access to the card’s advanced features will have to purchase a monthly subscription for a fee. This article explains how to get TradingView Pro for free.

TradingView Desktop Full Crack For PC/MAC Latest Version Download

Key Features Of TradingView Desktop:


  • TradingView provides HTML 5 charts with a smart, clear, and simple interface.
  • Moreover, The elements in the chart are divided into categories that are easy to spot so that even new entrepreneurs can easily search for tools.

Device Integration:

  • User data and preferences can easily sync across all devices.
  • The platform is accessible from mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. They are all compatible with iOS and Android.

Inventory management and alarms

  • TradingView Stock Screener allows users to classify stock prices, bulk distribution stocks, and production stocks just to name a few. In addition, there are over a hundred filters to combine thousands of archives.
  • Trade alerts are an important tool for traders who don’t want to sit in front of a screen all day. Traders will be notified if the securities meet certain criteria.

Other Possibilities:

  • Real-time access to local and international information on commodities, futures, and currency transactions.
  • Extensive information (financial, important, and news database).
  • More than 100,000 technical symbols can edit with Pine Script.
  • In addition, More than 50 easy-to-use drawing tools.
  • Get business ideas from entrepreneurs around the world.
  • Moreover, Broker account integration
  • And also, Paper transactions

System Requirements :

  • macOS: Catalina 10.15 or above.
  • Windows: Windows 10 64-bit, version 1909 or above (for version 1909, the ‘Sideload apps’ option should be enabled) Windows 11 64-bit.
  • Linux: Any Linux distro with the Snap package manager installed.

TradingView Desktop Free Download With Full Cracked Version 


Manage multiple accounts:

  • Manage multiple TradingView accounts at once and switch between them with a single click.

Stay Organized:

  • Group all your emails, messages, and web activities into convenient collections using Spaces.

To remind:

  • Quickly launch TradingView from the dock or taskbar and launch without interruption in a separate window.

Do your job better

  • Enhance TradingView with keyboard shortcuts, menu bar, tray integration, protocol management, and more!

protect yourself

  • Protect your data from prying eyes with a password or Touch ID.


Extra cost

  • As mentioned above. The TradingView Pro loan usually requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Application Restrictions:

  • Compared to the Pro+ and Premium versions, some would consider the border as 5 saved icons and images.

No export features:

  • Graphic export data is not available

Duration of warnings:

  • Alarms are valid for 2 months for 10 alarms, the same limit as free accounts.

Companies with limited integration:

  • Broker partners that integrate with your TradingView account limit to the most popular partners.
  • It mainly depends on the license and the compatibility rights with the previous version

What’s New In TradingView Desktop Crack?

As with many things, there are limits on free accounts. Here are some highlights:

  • A table template and a template saved to each spreadsheet
  • Limited to 3 symbols and mechanical resources
  • Moreover, Only one warning applies to prices, quantities, and rules.
  • A single system running simultaneously
  • And also, The export map is disabled

How To Install TradingView Desktop Crack?

  1. First of all, Download and install BlueStacks at:
  2. Then, Open the Apk file: double click on the apk file to launch BlueStacks and install the app. Double click the icon
  3. In addition, open the apk file and select Open together. If the .kk file doesn’t open automatically in BlueStacks, right-click on it and select
  4. Open with BlueStacks.
  5. Moreover, You can also drag and drop the apk file to the BlueStacks home screen.
  6. Once installed, click Run to open the program, it works like a wizard

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